Support for your software and extended warranty on your hardware

  • Do you have a precise idea of the renewal date of your warranties?
  • Are you sure that your hardware is covered?

Let us explain why it is important to keep an eye on your software and hardware warranty contracts.

Stay compliant

Do you know that your company may face financial penalties if it misses the renewal date for your sofware and hardware ?

it is indeed essential for your organization to respect the renewal dates and the terms of your contracts, whether it's your for hardware or your software.

At Nexis, we understand that it's often easier and safer to delegate this task to a trusted provider and expert in the field. This is why we offer a support and warranty contract management service.

Choose Nexis to manage your contracts

To sleep easy and no longer have to ask these questions, opt for the support contract management service and warranties offered by Nexis:

  • We follow the extended warranty dates of your hardware and your software.
  • We make sure that your hardware is well covered and that warranties are renewed in due course.
  • We will inform you when your equipment’s warranty is about to expire.
  • If you experience a problem with the manufacturer, we are the intermediary between you and the call centre and defend your interests.

For a comprehensive vision and monitoring of your support contracts and your warranties, please contact Nexis!

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