Daily monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure


Monitoring of your facility

Nexis remotely manages the functioning of your system and ensures that your infrastructure is operational.

How does it work?

You entrust us with the monitoring of your facility. This means that we install software which collects all information from your system and communicates alerts on points we have set out beforehand, in case of any problems. This monitoring makes it possible to anticipate problems and guarantees you a fully operational system.


  • Has backup gone smoothly?
  • Is the email server still operational?
  • Are all disks perfectly stable?

Every morning, our support service checks these alerts and, if a problem is detected, looks for the source (e.g. for backup, were tapes definitely switched on?) and resolves it quickly.

Managing your updates

Don‘t worry about whether your IT infrastructure is up-to-date! Nexis manages your facility like a good parent by:

  • ensuring that the latest updates are performed
  • changing your computer facility on time
  • ensuring compatibility between your different software versions: VMWare, Windows, etc.
  • recommending you necessary updates
  • implementing an updates plan

Please contact us to make sure that your infrastructure is still operational!

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