Checking the health of your IT systems

To anticipate any malfunction, it is essential to regularly audit your IT system. With Nexis, you can be sure that this audit will be carried out by experts who will optimise the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Audit of infrastructure put in place fully or partially by Nexis

The aim of the audit is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your IT systems by analysing all pieces of the puzzle they’re made up of. It may also be the opportunity to compile an inventory of the product licenses versions you have. Nexis’ proactivity in this area can relieve you of many worries.

Audit of an infrastructure not put in place by Nexis

The aims are the same but the audit process must begin with a situational analysis of your infrastructure, in order to understand its various elements. For us, it is also essential to ensure that it complies with best practices and that we have the documentation needed to analyse it.

Need a complete analysis of your IT facility? Please contact us to perform an audit!

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