Nexis does not only always think with you, but also thinks ahead!

Nexis is completely on our wavelength

Tim Piessens, co-fonder and CTO, IC Sense

ICsense is specialised in designing and supplying ASICs or Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, commonly known as "chips" tailored to the client’s requirements. The Leuven company has been active since 2004 and has the largest design group in Europe since a few years. ICsense designs customer-specific and application-targeted circuits, inter alia for process control, reading sensors and the like. ICsense is mainly active in the medical and the automotive sector, but also provides system-on-chip solutions for the industry and the consumer market.

ICsense and Nexis

"In the beginning we chose Nexis as the supplier of our server equipment, among other things because of their reliable HP supplies. We have now been working together with Nexis for ten years. I mean really ' together ', because their people think along with us. Our design and simulation work is very computing-intensive and the smallest problem during the long simulations can mean a lot of time lost.  Because Nexis is involved in the IT structure of our company, we always start with peace of mind. They are just as driven as we are and we can always rely on immediate response should something still go wrong somewhere. "

"Nexis does not only always think with you, but also thinks ahead!"

A memorable intervention of Nexis: the super fast move

ICsense moved six months ago, which is usually a time-consuming affair. "Together with us the support engineers of Nexis had prepared everything meticulously. The IT infrastructures were disassembled and rebuilt so quickly that our systems were only stopped for less than half a day. We have no doubt that the planned move to a centralised server park will run smoothly too. "


"Our IT environment is continuously up and running and is constantly improved. The clients come to us because we provide high reliability and that is also thanks to the flexibility and experience of Nexis."

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