The 24/7 Nexis contract guarantees us intervention at any time

With Nexis, we have peace of mind!

Fabrice Deleau, IS Infrastructure & Support Director, IBA

IBA specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for diagnosing and treating cancer. It is the world‘s leading provider of proton therapy centres. The group has 30 sites, deployed or undergoing deployment, some of which are located in China, Germany and the United States. 1,300 people are currently busy at IBA, including nearly 700 on the main site of Louvain-la-Neuve.
Its IT infrastructure consists of:

300 virtual servers
WMWare technology 
HP 3 Par storage solutions 
HP network 

IBA and Nexis

“We chose to work with Nexis a long time ago, primarily for their perfect mastery of HP products offered. We particularly appreciate their flexibility, their speed of intervention and their proximity. Furthermore, they are actually committed to their mission and act as partners, rather than as simple suppliers. A service delivery manager meets us twice a month to take stock of infrastructure, which is more than adequate.”

Nexis’ intervention: corporate infrastructure and IT

As a global partner, Nexis assists IBA in IT matters and manufacturing equipment. Nexis takes care of the installation and functioning of IBA site infrastructure and in-house IT matters. HP storage and network solutions have been provided by Nexis, including the Louvain-la-Neuve data-centre.

“The 24/7 Nexis contract guarantees us intervention at any time.”


"At IBA, some machines require optimal availability. Our data centre, for example, must remain accessible at all times for our locations located outside Belgium. With Nexis, we can sleep easy.”

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